Navis Collaboration Center


Navis has a private online community on the Navis Collaboration Center to build connections and collaboration among customers, partners and employees. For more than 20 years, we are proud to be the leading global technology standard for managing the movement of cargo through terminals. It is the strength of the Navis community that has allowed us to continuously raise the bar for our technology solutions year after year.

The purpose of the community oNavis Collaboration Centern the Navis Collaboration Center is to unite our employees, customers and partners to collaborate on terminal operations and industry changes and challenges, creating a global conversation that will drive the industry forward. We hope that you will visit regularly to get the latest on technology, best practices in global terminals and ports and to connect with industry friends and colleagues.

Community Goals and Objectives

The Navis Collaboration Center will empower its members to:

This Community Usage Policy provides invited members of the community on the Navis Collaboration Center with guidelines and best practices for site usage to ensure that all participants are able to productively collaborate and communicate through this online platform.

Best Practices for Community Engagement

    Collaborate - Try to encourage conversation and discussion when posting to a forum or blog. When sharing documents or ideas on the site, ask for feedback and insight when appropriate.
  1. Learn - In order to make the most of your presence on the Navis Collaboration Centrer, be sure to read other members' documents, discussions and blog posts that are shared with you. You can use the information shared as inspiration to ask questions and engage in an open dialogue with other members.
  2. Respond - It is important to respond in a timely matter to any inquiries, comments and/or direct messages from other members. Timely responses will encourage collaborative and productive conversations among members. Remember to respond publicly to inquiries that are posted in a public forum of the site and respond privately to sensitive inquiries.
  3. Use Good Judgement - Remember that the same rules that apply offline also apply online. Assure that all posted information is factual, which means double-checking sources or data if necessary. Do not post anything that you would not want others to see.
  4. Take Responsibility - You are responsible for any information that you post on the Navis Collaboration Centrer site. While there are site controls in place for moderation, you're responsible for information on your own member page and content that is submitted for approval. All content must be correct, relevant and authorized for member access.
  5. Be Helpful - Feel empowered to share your expertise and insights with colleagues and friends, provide best practices.
  6. Ensure Relevancy - The Navis Collaboration Centrer was created for a specific purpose: to allow members to share information, access resources and receive updates on Navis products, services and events. By ensuring that all posts are relevant to the community, you will make the most of your interactions and the Navis Collaboration Center Site.

Navis Collaboration Center Guidelines

    Collaboration Center Guidelines
  1. The Navis Collaboration Center is hosted on Salesforce, a private social networking platform. All community members are subject to Navis Collaboration Center's Terms and Conditions.
  2. You are personally responsible for the content that you publish on the site's blog, discussion forums or any other platform within the Navis Collaboration Center. Please note that there are different access areas on the Navis Collaboration Center, including but not limited to: Public Access, Customer Access and Employee Access. Except for any personally identifiable information that falls under the guidelines of our Privacy Policy, all information published within each access point will be treated as follows:.
  3. Fully disclose your identity to other community members by including your name, job title and what company you work for in your member profile. When contributing content to the site, write in the first person unless you are designated to speak on behalf of your work team or company.
  4. Share documents only with the group or individuals that have authorization to view the information included.
  5. Adhere to all copyright, fair use and financial disclosure laws when posting documents or sharing information within the Navis Collaboration Center.
  6. Respect your fellow members and refrain from using ethnic slurs, personal insults or obscenities when interacting within the Navis Collaboration Center. Conduct yourself as you would in a professional work environment. Consider others' privacy and keep all conversation topics specific to the Navis Collaboration Center. Do not discuss subjects that could create unproductive or emotional responses (such as politics or religion).
  7. Ensure that any critical or opposing statements you post to the site are constructive and valuable to the members who are able to read it. When posting information, make sure you correct your own mistakes and do not alter previous forum discussions or blog posts without letting members know that you have done so.
  8. Please refrain from posting sales-oriented content, promotional materials or job openings in Navis Collaboration Center discussion boards and blogs. All posts that directly promote a product, service or job opening will be removed by moderators.


The site's community administrator has the ability to remove any information, statements or documents that do not abide by the guidelines provided in this usage policy. The community administrator will use his/her best judgment when approving, suspending or deleting conversations, documents or members from the Navis Collaboration Center.