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By: / Mon Jun 13 23:11:21 GMT 2022

New in Master Terminal Release
Simon Ko, Business Analyst

Receive and Release of Transshipment Cargo

By introducing a new Inter-modal transit status, transshipment cargo can now be received or released when the inbound and outbound voyages call different terminals at the same port. Prenote can now be created with Transship IMEX status, transshipment cargo can also be received from road by selecting Transship IMEX status directly on the Road Gate screen. The Inter-modal transit status can be edited using the Editing Transshipment Details function or a new option on the right-click popup menu in the Cargo Enquiry function, or through the Transship EDI definition if a bulk update on multiple transshipment cargo is required.

OpsView – Gate

Gate and truck information in Master Terminal can now be populated to OpsView to facilitate various reports in the Gate Dashboards and provide better visibility of internal traffic to the users.

Graphical user interface, chart, application  Description automatically generated
Graphical user interface, chart, application  Description automatically generated

Bulk Update of Voyage Code EDI Mapping

A new Bulk Voyage Translation function is added to the EDI Data Translation table. The function summaries the mappings of a voyage code against all terminals and voyage operators in the system and allow users to perform bulk update function.


New Web App in REACT

Cargo Repair App is a new web app developed in REACT and is bundled inside the Cargo App. With the existing Cargo Damage App, both cargo damage and repair can now be done using the Web App suite.

As always, details of all changes released in can be found in our user documentation



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Giuseppe Lamberti

Bulk update of voyage codes is definitely a great new feature: thumb up!
0  Fri Jun 24 05:55:36 GMT 2022