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MTN NUG 2023

By: / Wed Mar 29 00:45:45 GMT 2023

The 2023 MTN NUG conference was held on 8 & 9th March 2023 and hosted by Centreport. The NUG was attended by 21 delegates represented by 4 customers within the ANZ region. 
Centreport graciously hosted the 1.5 day MTN NUG event and also provided an opportunity for representatives from other ports to visit the Centreport terminal for a tour on day two. Our delicious event dinner took place at Southern Cross Garden Bar Restaurant and was sponsored by Kaleris & Liebherr. 
We also thank Centerport for sponsoring our lunch & coffee breaks and the use of their boardroom for the conference. 
Day 1
As our first MTN face to face NUG, it was amazing to see how our customers have moved ahead and evolved during the COVID period. The resilience in the industry and our colleagues are a proud achievement for all. Our customers shared on the following:

  • AAT shared on the Vehicle Import Process,
  • POT on NReefer;
  • PNL on delivery requests;
  • Centreport on their recovery from the earthquake and use of their new Electric Vehicles. 

Rebecca Rowley, Product Manager for MTN provided an update on the roadmap for MTN and our new Execution and Visibility Platform (EVP). Michael Robinson, principal architect presented on cybersecurity as security is the highest priority for all our terminals. Ian McDowell demonstrated our mobile apps and web portal and conducted a workshop on the import vehicle process.


Day 2
Centreport coordinated a bus tour across their quay line and showcased their containers and bulk cargo terminal operations using their new electric vehicles. We also had a workshop on vehicle bookings and smart apps and a discussion of the new requirement from TSW and open discussions with our product team.

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MTN NUG – Making the Right Move
The NUG is a forum for MTN Users to share experience, challenges and network across our port communities in addition to meeting with key MTN management teams. It helps MTN align on collective priorities for future development, direction and enhancement of the MTN product set and helps our customers ensure that they are making efficient use of the current product capabilities. We look forward to see more terminals in the region participate in future MTN NUG meetings and your continuous engagement with the MTN NUG.

A sincere thank you to MTN NUG Chairman, Rohit Victor & co-host Marie McNaught for chairing the event and to Centreport for hosting the event. Thank you to all MTN NUG participants for your contributions to a successful 2023 MTN NUG Meeting and look forward to the next one.

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Paul Chapman

Some familiar faces on show. Hope to catch up sometime!
Paul Chapman
1  Tue May 02 03:06:49 GMT 2023