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Small Improvements Project

By: / Thu Oct 20 02:29:31 GMT 2022

Writer: Andrew Bishop
During this year over 40 small changes have been done by our junior developers to improve in small ways the MTN product.

These are some of the changes introduced to the product under this project.


Cargo Type Filter

Released March 2022 ( This adds a simple text filter to the results in the cargo type maintenance table. Useful when you have hundreds of cargo types.



Audit Enquiry

Released April 2022 ( A simple text filter has been added to filter not only the data in the columns shown, but also the values in the audit detail.


This means that searches for specific changes can now be performed after an initial standard search.


Gridded Area Max Heights

Released March 2022 ( When creating a new gridded block stack the user can enter maximum heights for fulls and empties. If these are left as 0 the system now calculates the max heights. Previously the system raised an error.


Voyage Operations Prenotes

Released March 2022 ( If showing the prenote table for a voyage, a new right click allows the creation of prenotes.


Cargo Counter Parameters

Released March 2022 ( MTN has a Voyage Cargo Counter screen and a Yard Cargo Counter screen. The Voyage Cargo Counter had more options than the Cargo Counter. This change adds the ability to choose which sections to include in the results, TEU, Weight, Volume and Quantity.


RT Queue Move Machine

Released May 2022 ( A small change to fix a quirk when moving machines between queues. Previously following a drag drop move of a machine if you then clicked on another queue e.g. the Master queue; the list of machines and tasks was not refreshed, now it is.


Road Gate Cargo Search

Released April 2022 ( Added a double click on the results columns to sort.


Break Bulk TEUs

Released September 2022 ( Refinement of the ability to configure a TEU equivalent for bulk and break bulk cargo types. Changes allow bigger and more accurate values for the conversion. In version new columns have been added to Cargo Enquiry to see the TEU value for all cargo types.


Road Gate Screen

Released June 2022 ( The road gate screen and supporting screens are now resizable and can be set to maximize.


Warehouse Area Definition

Released September 2022 ( Can now bulk select warehouse locations and update the transfer area quickly and easily.


Voyage / Vessel Filter

Released May 2022 ( This adds a simple text filter to the results in the enquiry data table.


Bulk Break Bulk Monitor Ship Cranes

Released August 2022 ( The graphic of a voyage's holds now has a more detailed indication that a ship crane is on the hold.

The previous 'C' has been changed to show 'Ship Crane - Port' etc.


Proforma Invoice

Released August 2022 ( All customers of MTN that have an invoice license can view and print proforma invoices. Some refinements of the configuration were done to Specify how to derive a cash debtor and cash reports can now  be specified. 


Location Enquiry Yard Allocations

Released October 2022 ( The Yard allocation criteria dialog now has a delete option on it. This is useful when specifying an allocation from the Location Enquiry screen, an allocation can be selected, viewed and now can be deleted.


Invoice Allocation Logging

Scheduled Release November 2022 ( Logging of the cargo transaction map can be viewed in the System Logging View. This is helpful when trying to work out the mapping of transactions to invoice lines. Now if using the Invoice Allocations transaction map logging is produced when searching the allocations; in a similar way that auto planning of cargo does.


Wagon Cargo Creation

Scheduled Release November 2022 ( The option to create cargo on a wagon in wagon maintenance now shows a full screen of cargo options similar to creating rail prenotes. Previously a very small selection of fields was available.


Auto Generated Cargo Ids

Scheduled Release November 2022 ( A new option allows the cargo type code to be used as the prefix of the cargo Id.


Selector Property Update

Scheduled Release November 2022 ( If updating a property that is not selected an error was presented. Now the property is auto selected.


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