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OpsView - The Terminal's Official Advisory

By: / Tue Sep 06 14:19:34 GMT 2022


Author: Ramachandran Anantharaman

Imagine Superman flying over your terminal, keeping an eye below and giving you updates of what's happening at the gate, the yard, the rail facility, and at the berths serving the voyages - all live as they happen! Sounds unbelievable, right? This is exactly what we had in mind when we designed MTN’s new offering - the OpsView!


Operations View or OpsView is now here to show you updates of all of what's happening at the terminal - without you ever having to miss a beat. Operation leads, the planning head and other managers at the terminals are all constantly on the lookout for critical statistics that's hiding in the crevices of huge amounts of data that's being churned out continuously as operations proceed. Their superiors are looking to consolidate the data given to them to make meaningful decisions that higher management is interested in. This hiding data trend is currently being fished out by those keenly looking at the operations and keeping track of numbers of what's happening. It would just make their life a whole lot easier if the daunting task of always precisely keeping track of what's happening is automated thereby directing one to look at just the right piece of information to then investigate further. This is precisely what OpsView would do. But, no, this does not mean that OpsView is just the solution for everything, but it's a big enough thing for making lives easier, and much less answerable. 


Imagine if the lead planner was to go on a holiday for a week, and he wanted to make sure that any decrease in productivity was brought to his attention as soon as possible, OpsView would be the key. For instance, he can choose to configure any of the reports that he thinks is crucial on his smartwatch and continue with his holiday plans! He would instantly get to know if there is a problem in the waterside where there is a decrease in productivity. The report might look something like this,

(Diagram for illustration purposes only)


Isn't that uber cool? The numbers on the report show that operations on a voyage are getting delayed and there is a problem.

Ok, what would he do next? Call up his colleagues to find out what the problem is? 

No! Now, this becomes even better! He might have chosen to configure the Gate productivity reports also on his watch and if he saw what was happening there, he would instantly get his answer! One of the trucks was stuck and it was at the terminal for a couple of hours, which is way more than usual. The gate report looks like this which shows the truck that's causing the delay,


(Diagram for illustration purposes only)


Tada! What just happened! He got to know there was a problem almost instantly, and then he also got to know what was the reason for it too. As a part of the planning team, he would just need to report to his superiors what the problem was, when it happened, and also why it happened - all of which he already knew while gazing at the beach on his holiday! It becomes as simple as that!


It can just be the other way round too. There usually is a team that calculates the productivity of the quay cranes, and in turn their daily, weekly  and monthly productivity of the quay cranes and of the terminal itself. We’ve got you covered here! Most of this data is already available in OpsView and it tells them what their current productivity is. It would not be much effort to get this data out to publish to let the world know what they have been able to achieve. It is a way to show how well your team has been working to your CEO right when he walks into the office.

All of this has been made very simple, thanks to OpsView.


Now, you might be thinking if OpsView can do so much, then are we all going to lose our jobs?! Don't worry, that's definitely not the case. OpsView though can show you important and critical numbers, their significance lies mostly in analyzing the numbers, deciphering why there were problems and what can be made better to avoid more such occurrences. OpsView enables you to identify problems instantly, get the source of the problems most times and get meaningful data of what you have been doing. It is a huge instrument to boost your productivity. It is a tool to drive you to make better decisions, route you to the right solutions, or better said, highlight the essentials in what you already know. Decision making now becomes a breeze. 

Can work become any sweeter?

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